United methodist response to Ukraine

Trinity UMC joins United Methodists around the globe join in condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The situation is made even more painful for United Methodists because there are United Methodist churches in both Ukraine and Russia, as well as Belarus, Moldova, and Kazakhstan.

Relief Efforts: The United Methodist churches in Ukraine have opened their doors to refugees and are doing all they can to provide assistance. UMCOR, (The United Methodist Committee for Relief), if often on the scene of disasters around the world even before the Red Cross, but this time they are already there in the person of the various churches. You Can Help by donating to Advance Special #982450 by writing a check to either Trinity with the number in the memo line, or by sending it directly to UMCOR. For online giving and other options, please click the picture to the left.

Join in Prayer: Please join us in praying for: the safety of the people of the Ukraine and the cessation of hostilities; for the United Methodist churches in Ukraine and their pastors and for Bishop Khegay, (who is bishop for both Russia and Ukraine), and District Superintendent Oleg Staroudebets and his family; for all of the people who have become refugees; and for the families of all who have been killed in the conflict - Russian as well as Ukrainian.

superintendent Oleg and Yulia Staroudebets

Oleg and Yulia Staroudebets are the District Superintendents for the Ukraine.

"Dear friends, thank you so much for your suggestion to leave Ukraine in order to be in the safe place. I'm moved by your care about my family, my daughters and me. You have offered me to come to the US, Romania, Slovenia, Poland, Germany and India.
But war is still in Ukraine and russian forces aren't kick out of our motherland. Here we have a lot to do, to support people, comfort suffered ones.
That's why we are staying in Ukraine in order to serve people while it is necessary.
I believe Ukraine will win. When war ends we meet you and drink tea together or coffee.
For now you can support ministry of our Ukrainian Methodist church by donating to account which we posted earlier or Western Union."
District Superintendent of Ukraine UMC Oleg Starodubets