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To the Saints who are in Los Osos,                                                                                                               May 2021    

As I was preparing to write my column for May I looked back over what I wrote for April. In that column I announced the survey that you have hopefully received. As of the time of writing we had received 47 responses with several others saying that they still plan to submit them. Thank you to everyone who has and is responding!

The survey, and last month’s column, were done when our county was still in the “Red Tier,” or “Substantial” risk category. As of April 28, San Luis Obispo county has been reassigned to the “Orange Tier,” or “Moderate,” risk category. As far as I can research the primary difference is not in the recommended protocols, (masking, distancing, etc.), but that Orange Tier increases the allowed attendance for indoor events from 25% of capacity to 50%. Los Angeles county has entered the “Yellow Tier,” or “Minimal” risk category. If our county’s numbers remain good we will be able to move into the “Yellow Tier” in three weeks. All of this is good news as we plan to reopen our doors. 

I spent some time collating the surveys. First, I am happy to report that all of the respondents so far are fully vaccinated. I was able to get the responses to the questions to add up. 37 of the people feeling comfortable to return now, with four only after everyone has been vaccinated, two only after there are no or very few cases, (Yellow Tier?), and four unsure when they will feel comfortable returning to in person worship and meetings.

When we do resume there were nine people who preferred to begin with outdoor worship only; five who preferred to begin with indoor only and 32 who would be comfortable returning either indoor or outdoor, and one person who didn’t answer that question.

The way I interpret this is that 37 of the respondents, (79%) would be ready to return to in-person worship now if we meet outdoors, and 32, (68%), would be comfortable resuming indoor worship now. 

The message from all of this is that we are definitely moving toward resuming in-person worship sooner rather than later. We were originally thinking it would be around the first of July but now we believe that it can be sooner... though we still have to follow all of the Annual Conference guidelines and have our reopening plan approved by the District. We hope to have these things done soon. 

At this time, we don’t know about singing or reciting as a group, or exactly how everything will work, but – barring another spike – we will be able to discover that together before too long. We will still offer online worship after we are meeting in person. Some of you have specifically requested that, and all of the articles and posts I have read over the last year have suggested that online worship and Zoom are here to stay. Our online worship and Zoom fellowship have allowed members and former members who are home bound or who have moved out of the area to still be a part of our community. 

See you in (virtual) church, and hopefully very soon in person - and Zoom fellowship,

Pastor G.


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