adult Enrichment Classes


Throughout the year we have a series of 3-8 week classes for adults.  They are available on Sunday mornings after our service at 11:30am in the Opal Room.  Scroll down for a list of current and upcoming classes.  For any questions or suggestions on new classes, please feel free to email our Director of Discipleship, Jeff Manildi.  

  • Atheism for Lent

    Lent is a time in which many people give up something during a 40-day period leading into Easter.  Some people sacrifice something they love in order bring new life to an item or habit that can easily be taken for granted.  A tangible example of resurrection.  Others use it as an opportunity to purge a bad habit from their life; a tangible example of Jesus’ saving act on the cross.  Either way we choose to participate in the season of Lent, few of us think about giving up our theology.  Over Lent you'll plunge into a surreal world where atheism and theology move together in an enchanting and enriching dance.  By exploring the theological dimension of atheism, we will discover how it can offer a type of exorcism powerful enough to cast out any festering fundamentalism lurking within our souls. 

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    Taught by Jeff Manildi, Director of Discipleship ~