adult Enrichment Classes


Throughout the year we have a series of 3-8 week classes for adults.  They are available on Sunday mornings after our service at 11:30am in the Opal Room.  Scroll down for a list of current and upcoming classes.  For any questions or suggestions on new classes, please feel free to email our Director of Discipleship, Jeff Manildi.  

calvary (2014): a film study

Starting on Sunday, July 9th @ 11:30am we will do another summer film study. In the past we have looked at Jesus in Film, the Bible in Film and Biblical Archetypes in Film. This year we will spend our time looking at one film. For this 6-week Adult Enrichment Class we will be taking an in depth look at 2014's Calvary. We will spend the first two classes watching the film together with a brief discussion afterward. For the remainder of the classes we will look at how the film functions as an allegory for the Passion week of Jesus.