Community Outreach and Involvement

Trinity United Methodist Church is actively engaged with our community.  Below you'll see some of the ways we connect with our community, and you'll find information on how you can be involved. Trinity serves our community both by direct programs and by providing space and support for local groups. If you are interested, there are a variety of ways you can help.

  • Feeding ministries

    Trinity UMC is known in our community as a church that feeds hungry people. Click on the basket to see many of the ways that we reach out with our food based ministries.

  • music and concerts

    Trinity has a marvelous music program with a wonderful choir and bell choir.

    Additionally, we are a frequent venue for a variety of concerts and music organizations. Click here to see some of the music events.

  • Community Engagement

    TUMC supports a variety of community needs and groups by providing hospitality and space. Click here to see.

  • turri road cleanup

    Trinity UMC has adopted the five-mile long Turri Road for periodic cleanup. Our most recent cleanup day was April 13, 2019. Watch here for upcoming times.

    . Turri road was listed in a Buzzfeed article as one of the 14 most beautiful roads in the world.