Trinity Home Groups

Here at Trinity we have on-going home groups centered around connection through conversation.  The home groups meet during the week on various days and times.  We've tailored our home groups in such away that allows for people to come and go as their schedules allow.  We've divided our gatherings into 'seasons'.  Each 'season' lasts 6-8 weeks and allows for people to connect during seasons of their own lives.  Scroll down below to see a current listing of our home groups and how you can be involved.

For questions and/or directions to any of our home groups email our Director of Discipleship, Jeff Manildi (

MONDAY night GROUP @ 6:30pm

Our Monday evening home group meets at the home of our Director of Discipleship, Jeff Manildi, @ 6:30pm.  For more information of directions please email Jeff (


Season 2 for our Monday nigh home group will start on March 26th.  The discussion for Season 2 will be a look at Leadership in 1 Samuel.  We will look at some of the leadership archetypes put forth in the book of 1 Samuel and discuss some modern-day equivalents.


Season 1 |  January15th through March 5th

Season 2  March 26th through May 14th

Season 3  |  May 28th through July 2nd

Season 4  |  July 16th through August 20th

Season 5  |  September 10th through October 22nd

Season 6  |  November 5th through December 10th

TUESDAY AFTERNOON group @ 3:30pm

Our Tuesday afternoon home group meets at the home of Mike Eggleston & Eileen Murta @ 3:30pm.  For more information of directions please email Mike (


Galatians is one of our earliest writings of the early Christians, predating the four gospels or Revelation or Romans or any of the “hidden writings” or even any shreds of first century texts that archaeologists might dig up. But Galatians is not Paul playing nice. “Paul’s angry, passionate letter. . .” is the first four words of the NIB commentary on Galatians. Yet Galatians has long been one of the most influential books of the New Testament.

What was the fervent message of the earliest Christians? What did the “Jesus movement” look like even before it was called Christianity? What joys and conflicts stirred in the brand new churches meeting in homes in Galatia?


Season 1  |   January 15th through March 6th

Season 2  |   April 3rd through May 22nd

Season 3  |   June 12th through July 3rd

Season 4  |   July 17th through August 21st

Season 5  |   September 4th through October 16th

Season 6  October 30th through December 11th