Trinity Home Groups

Here at Trinity we have on-going home groups centered around connection through conversation.  The home groups meet during the week on various days and times.  We've tailored our home groups in such away that allows for people to come and go as their schedules allow.  We've divided our gatherings into 'seasons'.  Each 'season' lasts 6-8 weeks and allows for people to connect during seasons of their own lives.  Scroll down below to see a current listing of our home groups and how you can be involved.

TUESDAY AFTERNOON group @ 3:30pm


Tuesday Home Church will be completing its tour through the earliest-written Gospel, Mark, in the first two weeks of February.  We meet Tuesday from 3:30

pm until 5:10 pm via zoom (contact Mike Eggleston or Eileen Murta for the zoom number and link.) On February 7, we expect to complete Mark chapter 15 on the crucifixion, and begin on Mark 16, the Empty Tomb.  On February 14, we plan to complete Mark 16.1-8, and then the second ending of Mark, meetings with the resurrection Jesus, found in Mark 16.9-20.

It has been a challenging study since we have been looking not only at Mark but at the parallel accounts to each of Mark’s narratives as told by Matthew and Luke. . .and when it comes to the vital closing events of trial, crucifixion, and resurrection, we are also considering John.  As with any human crisis event, the observers tell it differently, especially John.


In our day, we have videos taken of most events, and instant communication.  Not so in first-century Galilee and Judea.  So, it’s been a challenge to read the parallel texts in the gospels, and nowhere will that be more true than when dealing with something so supernatural as the resurrection.  Any and all are invited.


On February 14, we will also decide what study Home Church may undertake next. . .not necessarily from the Bible, though we have been doing Bible studies for the past five years in one form or another. In summer, we’ve been viewing and discussing seasons of The Chosen, a very well-told extra-Biblical series on the life of Jesus and his disciples. Watch for upcoming information from Mike who leads the group.


Submitted by Mike Eggleston