responses to Special General Conference 2019

Here is the statement adopted by Trinity:

We are grieved by the action of the Special General Conference on February 26,2019, which passed the “Traditional Plan.” Trinity United Methodist Church has a been a church where the sacred worth of ALL people has been affirmed. This will not change. Trinity United Methodist Church will continue to affirm, support and advocate for the basic human rights of all of God’s children – and at this time most specifically – those who are LGBT+


We stand with our Western Jurisdiction which, “believes in ONE CHURCH for all. Mission and ministry is too important. This is where we stand, we are not moving, we are not leaving, and we are not changing.”

Trinity and the other United Methodist Churches of the Central Coast placed full page ads in local papers. Click here to see the ad.

Click on the links below to see responses by our Bishop and the Western Jurisdiction.

Update 8/29/19:

There are several plans being developed by different groups and caucuses in the United Methodist Church.

One such group is UMNext "composed of Centrists and Progressives" Click here to read about the plan they propose to offer at the 2020 General Conference.