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Pray that Doctors, Nurses, and other health care providers will have the supplies that they need to stay safe and treat their patients.

Pray for the full recovery of all those worldwide who are infected with COVID-19.

Pray that Trinity United Methodist will weather this great challenge.

Trinity prayer list

Last updated May 18. New requests will be added to the top of the list.

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May 18: Sidney Willson Young, longtime music partner of Jora Landis is dying of cancer. Prayers for her peace and for Jora as well. Update  May 20:  Jora saw her and she was having a very good day.

May 15: Betty Farrell "Please pray for Maverick, my baby grandson.  He will have brain surgery on Monday, May 18th at UCLA.  Thank you. and may God Bless You."

April 27: Jean Shelby broke her leg on Saturday and is in a care facility near where she lives.

April 23: Brooke, a friend of Jan Lloyd, is having surgery on Monday April 27.

April 21: Tom Cantwell, Carol Shupp's housemate is in Baywood recovering from non-COVID-19 pneumonia.

April 10: Emily Rodenhi had surgery at 4:00 at Sierra Vista Hospital. Prayers for her full recovery. She is at home and doing well.

April 7: From Carole Hardin for Jerry Farmer a nurse in AG. Prayers for her on the front lines and all medical workers.

April 1: Prayers for the family of Sabra Lodge. Her 29 year old grandson passed away earlier in March.

April 1: Update:  John Peterson passed away peacefully on Monday, March 30. No services are planned. Please pray for his family.

April 1: Update: Cathy is feeling better, (not over it yet), and so far John is still healthy. 3/24 Cathy Bonnett went to the ER on Friday with COVID symptoms but was not tested or admitted. She is feeling better today but is "still obviously sick." Pray that she recovers and that John remains healthy.

March 30: Laurie, Linda Fortin's younger sister, is ill with COVID-19 and associated pneumonia. She has been living with underlying immune system problems for 30 years.

March 28: The Guzman family. Ignacia Guzman, Joe Salas' mother who passed away.

March 27: For the family of Joyce Wharton, (Sandy Green's aunt) who passed away March 26.

March 26: Smith family, (Shirley Hulin's neice in CA) husband is in quarantine in Michigan where he went to visit his father, (COVID-19 positive) and his step-mom passed away from it.

March 26: Quinn Brady the young mother who started the Support Los Osos Facebook page, is sick with pneumonia.

March 25: Update Nora Gallison had a bad fall. Pray that she has no complications. She says that she is recovering well.


Ongoing prayer list:

Daniel Belden
Gary Brooks
Martin Brown
Leonora Calixtro
Jane Christiansen
Richard & Lois Cowan
John Cribb
Chris Dutton
Dorothea & Jimmy Farrier
Bob Gale
Bruce Gillette
Bill Gittins
Eric Hoff
Christian Lenze
Trish Lindsey
Alan & Jackie Martyn
Joe Piazza
Bob Scheppler
Sue Scheppler
Mike Schoff
Desiree Scott
Scott Smelser
Leatrice Thurston
Emily Torlano