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To the Saints who are in Los Osos,

Happy August, everyone. August has never been one of my favorite months, despite the fact that I have my birthday in August. August is hot. It’s devoid of national holidays and other days of significance, (unless you celebrate International Beer Day on August 4. I know that because I Googled August holidays).

Part of the reason I have offered congregations the chance to request sermon topics and favorite hymns in August is for my own diversion to break up what I think of as a monotonous month. The other reason of course is to give you a chance to sing favorite hymns or to ask that I address a topic about which you may have been curious of that you may feel has not been addressed for a while.

Thank you to everyone who submitted both sermon topics and favorite hymns. Thirteen people (plus some anonymous) submitted forty-one hymn requests. I couldn’t consider a few of these because they are not in our hymnals. Fifteen sermon requests were submitted by ten people, plus four anonymously submitted. (I can add, one person submitted two topics). As I said, preference was given to things that were not anonymously submitted. Granting that I couldn’t use all of the suggestions, most of which were excellent because I can only preach four topics and we can only sing twelve of the hymns.

I wanted to share my process in case your hymn or topic wasn’t chosen. My mother taught me to always try to be scrupulously fair. For example, when my sister and I were children and something needed to be divided, maybe a piece of cake, she would have one of us cut or divide it and then give the other first choice. That said, I did my best to include as many as I could. Fortunately most people requested more than one hymn so I was able to accommodate all thirteen hymn requesters in some way. Of course I just had to make my choice for the sermon topics. I’m giving a list of topics and hymns here so you can see when yours will come up and hopefully be able to be in church on that Sunday. Naturally when working this way hymns and topics are not always a perfect match, but that’s part of the fun. Some of the topics I didn’t choose have been addressed recently, others I’ll try to work in through the next few months. Again thank you for your requests. They make my August a little more fun and interesting.

See you in Church,

Pastor G

Topics are listed as they were requested, sermon titles may vary.

August 6 Topic: Gratitude  Hymns: Oh Happy Day, How Great Thou Art, I'll Fly Away

August 13 Topic: When did “Christian” become a negative word and how do we fight against it?  Hymns: Blest are They, What Does My Lord Require of Me, Wonderful Words of Life

August 20 Topic: Treasures in Jars of Clay  Hymns: Just As I Am, Jesus Loves Me, Be Thou My Vision

August 27 Topic: A Confession of faith is not a ‘one-off’  Hymns: When We Are Living, We Are Climbing Jacob's Ladder, There Is a Balm in Gilead