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To the Saints who are in Los Osos,                                                                                             February 2023

I often have trouble choosing a topic for these columns, but this month I’m using this space to share three requests and one piece of information that will be of interest.


My first, and least urgent, request is my ongoing request for Trader Joe’s and Spice Hunter brand spice jars. Thank you to everyone who has saved them for me!

My second and third requests are more serious. As many of you know pastors often receive requests for various kinds of assistance, from people inside the church as well as outside. While it isn’t always possible or appropriate to give assistance, often we can help. Our food pantry supplies assistance when people request food. The pastor’s emergency fund is able to provide financial assistance to help buy gasoline, pay bills, or in some instances provide a night at a motel. The fund receives no money from the budget but relies on individual contributions. I would like to invite any who feel led to do so, to contribute to this fund which hasn’t been replenished for a while. Thank you to those who do. (Please mark “Pastor’s Emergency Fund” on the memo line).


My third request is for talent and the willingness to share it. So much of what the church does happens because of the wonderful people who volunteer for committees, task forces, and working groups. The Tuesday Crew does much to maintain the facility. The folks on the Worship Committee keep the services running smoothly, from recruiting readers and liturgists, preparing and setting up communion, changing paraments and banners, and even making sure that the candles are filled, and the wicks trimmed.


One of the most important committees in the church is the Finance Committee. This committee is responsible for setting the annual budget, running the stewardship campaign and any additional fundraising that may be necessary to see that our obligations are met, and tracking our income and spending monthly to help steer the church through the year. Since I have been here we have had three pivotal people as part of that committee. Joe Asire has chaired the committee, Bob Wacker has provided invaluable knowledge and assistance, and Bob Clover has done an amazing job as Church Treasurer. I can’t adequately express my gratitude for their incredible faithfulness and skill.   Unfortunately, the time has come this year when all three have found it necessary to step down from their positions. In addition, Rachel, who has served on the committee will necessarily need to step down when I retire. We have so far been unable to find other people who are willing to assume these vital positions. I am asking for your help. If you have the skills and interest to help in this area, please let me know as soon as possible. Also, if you can think of people who might be able to do these tasks please let us know. Thank you.


FYI from Mark Richardson, posted on Facebook on January 22, (edited for length).

This morning at the close of worship at First United Methodist Church of Santa Barbara, where I have been Senior Pastor for nearly nine years, I announced that I will be retiring this summer after 40 years of full-time pastoral ministry…. 40 years is a long time to give sustained attention to congregational life as a pastor. I need a breather!


I plan to move to Ashland, Oregon, where Dallis and I bought a house three years ago in anticipation of when I would retire…. For now, I mainly want to express my deep gratitude for all the people who have been so kind to me over the years in the many places I've served (urban, rural, desert, island, coastal, university, U.S. Air Force). I also want to mention the many colleagues/friends in the California-Pacific Annual Conference whom I admire and appreciate so much, who have always made me want to be my best.

Blessings, my dear friends, all of you, and thank you for all your prayers and caring concern that have upheld me these past few years! 


See you in Church or Online  

Pastor G.