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To the Saints who are in Los Osos,

In 1957 the Rev. W. F. Oglesby began meeting with a group of Methodists in Los Osos. The church was chartered in April of the following year, so we are celebrating sixty years of service to God and our community this year. Those sixty years have seen fifteen different pastors and three ministers of visitation. We began by meeting in the Baywood Women’s Club, built and later expanded our sanctuary, built the parsonage, built the education wing, and fellowship hall to come to our current facilities.

In those sixty years Trinity has nurtured God’s people in Los Osos with worship, adult, youth and children’s education, camps, retreats, chicken barbecues, quilting fellowships, and more recently 55+, and Church Bridge. For over thirty years our Tuesday Crew has saved the church many thousands of dollars by doing maintenance and projects for the church and its grounds.

We have hosted science symposiums, art shows, film festivals, all manners of events for our community. We support many important community groups by providing a place for AA and other 12-step groups, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and host many of the music events that happen in Los Osos.

We have impacted our community and our world with ministries of justice and compassion. Our church has been instrumental in founding People Helping People and People of Faith for Justice. We have been involved in many important social and environmental issues both locally and nationally. We have sponsored three refugee families and currently provide scholarships to assist youth with immigration filings. We care for our community by providing monthly meals at People’s Kitchen, food boxes for the hungry and most recently by hosting our Monday Night Community Dinners. We have declared our commitment to the full inclusion of all God’s people by becoming a Reconciling Ministries Congregation. And of course on of our most important services to our community is by providing the Village Children’s Center.

… and that‘s just the short version!

Throughout the coming year we are planning a series of special events to celebrate what we have done and also what we see for our future. Below you’ll see what is coming up. We would also invite you to suggest things we might do to celebrate our ministry and especially things that will lead us into our future. Also, if you’d like to be part of the planning team for any of these events, please let me know.

January 25 – Chamber Mixer– Chamber volunteers

February 4 – Mark Richardson Preaching

March 18 – RMN Sunday, the Rev. Frank Wulf Preaching

April 22 – 60th Anniversary of our chartering – Bishop Grant Hagiya Preaching

May 20 – Rex Britt Preaching

June 3 – The Rev. Mack Mitchell Preaching

June 17 - Barbara Hoff’s 50th Anniversary with Trinity / John Tincher Preaching

July 29 – The Rev. James Powell Preaching

August 12 – Rich Bolin Preaching

September 16 – Ed Womack Preaching

October 21 – Mike Eggleston Preaching

November 11 – VCC Sunday

December 16 – Dave Richardson Preaching

See you in Church,

Pastor G