March 6, 2022                                                                            First Sunday of Lent


Prelude:  “Promenade”  Modeste Moussorgski arr.  Kevin McChesney

Call to Worship     Alta Hall
Let us sing to the Most High,
The God in whom we trust.
Those who love the Lord will be delivered;
Protected are those who know God’s Name.

Opening Hymn:     “Lord, Who Throughout These Forty Days”    #269

Prayer before the Word        Marian Kaser
First Lesson:      Romans 10:8b-13
    L: The word of the Lord   P: Thanks be to God

Psalm:     Psalm  91    

Gospel Lesson:    Luke 4:1-13
    L: The Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ   P: Praise to you, Lord Christ

Sermon:    “In the Wilderness”    Pastor Gilbert Stones

Hymn:    “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God”    #110

Pastoral Prayer
Offering our Gifts to God

Offertory:         “Ashokan Farewell”    Jay Ungar
    Tom Tatton, violist

Prayer of Dedication   

Closing Hymn     “Beneath the Cross of Jesus”    #297


Song of Blessing:                            “Shalom to You”